Keynote Speakers Presentations  
(in alphabetical order)

  Ammar, Habib - President of the WSIS Standing Organizing Committee, Tunisian Republic
  Bérová, Dana - Minister of Informatics, Czech Republic
  Blois Montes de Souza, Roberto - Deputy Secretary-General of ITU
  Fischer, Rudolf - Chief Operating Officer (COO) Wireline, Telekom Austria, Republic of Austria
  Ghariani, Khedija - State Secretary, Ministry of Communications Technology,
Tunisian Republic
  Karklins, Janis - President of WSIS Preparatory Committee for the Tunis Phase,
Republic of Lativa
  Khan, Abdul Waheed - Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information of UNESCO
  Kovacic, Miroslav - State Secretary, Prime Minister's Office - eCroatia, Republic of Croatia
  Puro, Perttu - State Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Republic of Finland

Panel Speakers Presentations  
(in alphabetical order)

  Akinsanmi, Titi - Project Manager, SchoolNet Africa, Republic of South Africa
  Alsina, Pau - Director, Virtual University Art Nodes, Kingdom of Spain
  Baubin, Thomas - Managing Partner, Media Consulting Group, Federal Republic of Germany
  Biebl, Andreas - Head of Online Marketing, eBay Austria GmbH, Republic of Austria
  Furlong, Shauneen - Executive Director, Canada Government Online, Canada
  Greve, Georg C. F. - President, Free Software Foundation Europe, Federal Republic of Germany
  Hoffmann, Hans Falk - Team Leader, resp. for participation to WSIS, CERN, Switzerland
  Hug, Theo - Associate Professor of Educational Sciences & Head of ARC Research Studio eLearning Environments, Republic of Austria
  Irschitz, Oliver - Founder & CEO, Peyote Design Company, Republic of Austria
  Kafno, Paul - Managing Director, HD Thames, United Kingdom
  Kindl, Klaus - Director, Mobile Music Divison, Ericsson Worldwide, Kingdom of Sweden
  Kriel, Charles (aka DVJ Kriel) - Senior Lecturer - Film & Media Arts Institute at Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  Kristöfl, Robert - Head of IT Department, Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, Republic of Austria
  Le Roux, Yvon - Vice-President, Public Sector, Cisco Systems Europe, French Republic
  Mbarak, Ricardo - New Media Artist and University Professor, Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Lebanon
  Moraitis, Nick - Consultant and author on youth and technology, Commonwealth of Australia
  Philippe, Didier - Director, Strategy and Corporate Development, Hewlett-Packard EMEA, Switzerland
  Pleger, Georg - Coordinator, Creative Commons Austria, Republic of Austria
  Rantasa, Peter Managing Director, Music Information Center Austria, Republic of Austria
  Robinson, Sheila - Managing Director, Solvebrand Ltd & Consultant to Sir Bob Geldof,
United Kingdom
  Schwärzler, Ronald ? Executive Vice-President Online Services & New Media, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), Republic of Austria
  Serrano, Ana - Director, Habitat Canadian Film Centre, Canada
  Taga, Karim - Associate Director, Arthur D. Little, Republic of Austria
  Taylor, Wal - Professor Community Informatics, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Founding co-chair CIRN, Republic of South Africa
  Wagner, Tereza - Deputy responsable officer, Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise, UNESCO

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